How To Organize Your Room!

Hey Readers!
Now that I am in summer holidays, I had plenty of time to re-organize my dressing room. If you have the same problem than me (lots of clothes, not that much space), these advices may help you! 

1. I always fold my trousers in 2, and place them on a glass table. It's much easier than having them on hangers! 

2. My beloved sister bought my this amazing bracelet organizer, you can find easily one on or on ebay for less than 10€

3. I you want to keep your jewellery in a classy way, watch out for cristal recipients on the flea market. I bought the right one for only 3€.

4. Sort your clothes by colours, it look better and it will help you to find each morning the right piece.

5. I bought these two huge open baskets at Casa, they were on sale for 5€ each. I put all my small bags in one, and the big ones in the other one.

6. I bought a rod at Ikea for 13€ on which on you can suspend your clothes. But the real clue is down here: you can put your shoes and these two "rails".

7. And for a fun and fashion touch: check out for collection magazines from different brands. This one is from Essentiel S/S 2013.

I hope you enjoyed this! 


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Hey Readers!

Today, I present you one of my favourite shops in Liège: DADI. Owned by a lovely couple of men, they sell especially italian clothing. But their clothes aren't boring at all, they are special, unique and if you buy there, you can be sure that NO ONE will wear the same piece than you. The prices are between 50 and 150 €. Visit them in their boutique in Rue de La Cathédrale 89 (Liège) or check out their website ( click here ). 

Here are the lovely owners: Grégory and David! I love them because 1. they are so sweet ; 2. they sell great clothes; 3. they give you their real opinion, they don't force you to buy.

Feel Green

Thanks to Kévin Servais for these beautiful pictures! ♥

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Hello Readers!
For once, the sun showed up in Belgium and I decided to switch my home for an appartment at the belgian coast for few days. I enjoyed the beach, the tanning (well, I got sunburned) and of course shopping. I went to Brugge today, one of my favourite cities in Belgium. You can feel the history of the city in every street, the houses are so cute and have nice details. There are a lot of "grachten" and everything is so... picturesque. 
Back to shopping: I bought today this beautiful dress at Melvin (I don't know if you remember but I did some pictures for their brand few weeks ago) which one was quite cheap now on sale (-50%). 

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On The Train

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