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 Hey everyone!
Sorry for not posting lately but I had to finish my exam-session at University. Everything went fine, so now I have plenty of time to blog, blog and  blog! I did a bit of shopping (pre-sale) and I'm showing you the items. My favourite one is this Liu Jo Jacket, very elegant! I wear it with a black & white striped top and simple black jeans. 

 Here's a lovely bracelet I got from, thanks to them!

Who says holidays, says a lot of time to spend next to the pool and my favourite activity while tanning, is reading books. I love the Gossip Girl books, but I've already read all of them, so I stared It Girl. I love it, even if Gossip Girl is WAY better! 
After watching The Great Gatsby at the theatre, I HAD to buy the book and I can't wait to read it! I love everything about the 20ies, the clothes, the spirit, the jewellery! 

5 commentaires:

  1. ich hoffe deine prüfungen waren gut ((:
    ich wünsche dir schöne ferien, hast du dir bestimmt verdient (:

  2. Sehr hübsches Jäckchen :) Genieß deine freie Zeit :)

    1. danke, WERDE ICH haha ich kann mein glück noch gar nicht fassen, ich habe andauernd das gefühl wieder lernen zu müssen :p