My Daily Hair Routine

Hey everyone! Today I'll explain how I'm doing my hair everyday. I don't do any special curls or straight them, I leave them mostly natural.

At first I us the REDKEN COLOR EXTEND Shampoo and from the same line the conditioner. After drying my hair with a towel, I apply the REDKEN COLOR EXTEND RADIANT SPRAY.

After that I brush my hair with my BRAUN Ion Brush and I there is some need I apply the L'OREAL HUILE EXTRAORDINAIRE. After that I take some NIVEAU DIAMOND GLOSS STYLING MOUSSE and knead it into the top of the hair.

After that, I blow dry the front of the haire (the ones aroung the face) with this Calor Blow Dryer with a incorporated turning brush (1). After that I blow dry the rest of my hair with a ordinary blow dryer (2). 

If there are some waves on the front of my hair left, I straight them with a large BABYLISS curling iron so that they won't be too straight.

There you go! I hope you enjoyed this post!

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