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Hey beauties!
I'm sure you know pages like Romwe, VJ-Style, etc. I found several more unknown pages who are a bit cheaper but have the same clothing. I already wrote about, today I'll talk about Maxnina 
I like that website since a long long time. It's a website where you can get lovely summer 2013 dresses, really up to date. Personally I really like the dresses and the jewellery. They have some amazing exaggerated geometric earrings in black and white, I ordered these ones because they look so sophisticated. If you want to dream a little bit, check out their wedding dresses! They have some lovely open back wedding dresses and cheap mother of the bride dresses

Maybe you also know the Tory Burch bracelets, they have some inspired bracelets (for much cheaper!). 
White Metal Exaggerated Fashion Bracelet 09042743-890

Black Double Leather Metal Ball Bracelet 08093033-580

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