Shine Bright Like a Diamond...

In Belgium it's getting REALLY cold, way to cold for me. I like spring/summer/autumn weather but when it's -3 °C, it doesn't make me happy anymore. My poor feets do always hurt because the ground is frozen, and my toes...well they get frozen too and this puts me always in such a bad mood!

Here's the today's outfit, shooted by a good friend of mine in the University of Liège. 

My coat and my jacket is from MANGO (I bought them in the MANGO outlet in Liège, Rue de la Cathedrale). My coat was because of huge sales only 25€ and the lace-jacket only 29€. That was just such a good surprise!
My dress is from PRIMARK, the shoes are from Pieds du Monde. My scarf is from STRENESSE.

I hope that you'll spend a lovely weekend and christmas time!

Hugs and Kisses

The Belgian Girl

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