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Here's a small Christmas special! Brooke, the blogger from asked me if I'd like to accept a guest post from her. So that's what we did! here's the result:

5 Rules of Dressing for the Holidays

Most kids go through an awkward stage of showing up at holiday events decked out like a tiny Claus child or a Christmas tree, and it can be cute—at least sometimes. However, as an adult, it's time to figure out the art of dressing for the holidays without overdoing it. In my years of experience, here are the five rules I stick to when choosing a perfect holiday outfit.

1. Know the event. You can't wear the same outfit to an office party that you would wear to your neighbor's cookie exchange, so it's important to know the formality of the event. If you haven't been before, don't be afraid to ask the hostess what type of attire she'll be wearing or ask other friends who have been to the event in the past. The invitation may also have clues about the appropriate attire.
2. Sequins that shine. There's no better recipe for disaster than to wear both red and green, which makes you look like a Christmas tree or holiday wreath. So why not opt for something more shimmering than two traditional colors? And yes, I'm talking sequins, glitter, and glitz. Whether it's a sequin-embellished tee or a sparkly mini skirt, there's a way to wear it without looking like the topper of a Christmas tree and that's by simply being fabulous!
3. Choose tasteful sweaters. The only time you should ever wear a holiday sweater with a print on it is if you're attending an ugly sweater party. Otherwise, stick to cute ones without any of the holiday prints. The colors of the season are plenty, and you probably don't want to spend money on a sweater you won't be able to wear after December, anyway.
4. Add festive accessories. If you want to wear something festive, stick to the accessories. You can find some really cute holiday earrings to give that special touch to your outfit, or wear your favorite holiday necklace with an outfit. Especially if you aren't wearing anything red or green, this is the perfect way to show that you have holiday spirit.
5. Make sure you're comfortable. The holidays aren't necessarily the right time to try out a completely different style. Instead, stick to what you know and make sure each of your outfits truly reflects you. The season should be a time for you to relax and enjoy being around the people you most care about, and if you can't relax in a pair of stilettos, then by all means, leave them at home and wear your flats or wedges.
Your holiday outfits don't have to scream "Christmas" or look like you're ready for a party at the North Pole. Choose outfits that show a little bit of holiday spirit, but mostly just reflect your personal style. It's always better to have too few festive touches than to have too many. If you really need to wear something Christmas-themed, get some pyjamas and keep them at home.

1. Sequin mini skirt

2. Sweater

3. Earrings

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