Amsterdam: Report

Hey people!

This weekend  I went to the lovely and fabulous city of AMSTERDAM! I had so much fun it was really great. Of course I did a lot of shopping, but I'll make an article about this later (and also about my "shopping hot spots"). I'll also write an article about the outfits I wore on that weekend BUT in this article I'll talk about the fabulous 5* Bed and Breakfast where I stayed.

I went to the AMSSUITES, and this b&b was just GREAT! The rooms were huge, stylish and comfortable. They had some gigantic windows which filled the rooms with light. Then I also had a bottle of "champagne" (well it was prosecco) for free. 

The b&b was good situated, in the Jordaan, the romantic and pretty part of Amsterdam. 
Then, I had a lovely breakfast at a dutch bakery with some fresh orange juice, bread and croissants. 
I was really satisfied by this b&b and I highly recommend it. Just keep in your mind that the staircases in the Netherlands are really upright and hard to climb. So be ready to do some sport everytime you come back to the room.

I hope this was helpful!


The Belgian Girl

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