Ghent Fashion Night: Event Report

So yesterday evening was this Ghent Fashion Night...honestly I was disappointed. I paid 65€ for a place to sit. I sat down on a kind of bench and I didn't see a lot. Even the people who stood (and who paid only 15€) have seen better than me. The fashion show was, despite all this, really nice to see. The looks were great, the music too. The models looked great.
Congrats to Miss Gelaude!

Then the party...was so really boring. The drinks were exhaustively expensive, the people were only talking (no, not dancing) and the music was too loud and monotone; and that's why I left the place and went to a lovely spanish bar to have some drinks with my friend. 

I also got a goodie bag. I was a bit disappointed of the content:
- a mini-ELLE
- some sample from KIEHL's
- a paper from MAC (you'll get a present in the GHENT-MAC-Shop, but I'm never there)
- some advertising for shops, blogs,...
- a gapPRESS (a LOVELYYY magazine)
- a WeAr Cd-Rom 

That's it...


The Belgian Girl

4 commentaires:

  1. Leuk nog een Belgische blogger! Ik volg je nu via bloglovin :)
    Ik was er ook gisteren, vond het ook zooo teleurstellend! Had toch wel iets spectaculairder verwacht!


    1. Hey! I ben niet op bloglovin! Maar ik ben on twitter TheBelgianStyle en je kan me op facebook toevoegen: Anne Belgiangirl.
      Ja, ik ga akkoord met je. De decoratie was echt en beetje...gewoon en niet zoo mooi maar het was ook de eerste ghent fashion night, misschien is het het volgende jaar beter!

      The Belgian Girl