First day at UNIVERSITY

Hey folks!
Today I went for the first time to the university (the first time as a REAL student). Of course I was really excited, so much excited that (clumsy as I am) I stumbled and got badly hurt. Luckily there was a nice hairdresser who helped me to stand up and who put some cool tissues on my knocks. Then I was ready to start my new life!

I took some pictures of my outfit and my lovely vintage bike which one I used to ride to the train station. It used to be my mothers very first bike.

My shorts are MANGO, my top, my belt and my jacket are from The Sting. The shoes are H&M, the necklace is Dyrberg/Kern. I bought my bag in Spa but unfortunately I forgot the shop's name. 


♥ The Belgian Girl

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  1. great article post! your blog is nice i like the photos! Maybe we follow each other ?! Let me know :) Greetings

    1. Thanks so much! Of course, your blog is lovely :)

      The Belgian Girl