Pearls & Jeans

Hey people!

Today I'm wearing one of my favourite items: my VILA top (around 40€). It's in a really thin grey fabric and at the front you have a lot of embellishements. And I'm completely foolish on embellishements on tops. 
They make look it so expensive (but in fact it wasn't). I combine it with my Tally Weijl shorts, my FURLA handbag, my H&M and Dyrberg/Kern necklaces and some really cute PRIMARK sandals. The top is a bit shorter than ordinary tops so that, if you put (for some strange reasons) you arms above your head, you can see a bit of the nicely tanned summer skin. I'm not wearing any kind of top under it (even if you see my bra from the back) because I think that in that case the whole lightness of the top would go away.

I hope that you like my outfit!


The Belgian Girl

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