My Beauty Favourites for August

Few weeks ago I went to the city tu buy some makeup. I finally came home with one lipstick, one compact powder, one foundation and one blush. Now, that I tested them, I highly recommend them.

1. BOURJOIS lipstick "sweet kiss 49 rosé alluré"
A really nice colour to wear with a brown eye makeup and a peach blush. It looks very fresh and nice on tanned skin (but also on my white face). The only thing that I dont like is that after few hours the lipstick is making little crumbs. But I love it! It was around 11€ I think.

2. BOURJOIS compact powder "healthy balance unifying powder 52 vanille"
I like to fix my foundation with this really nice compact powder. It holds quite long on my face and it bewares me of having a too shiny skin. I took the brightest colour because I hate to look too orange or something.I apply this powder with a big powder brush all over my face.

3. BOURJOIS blush "39 rose mandarine"
I wear this blush with the lipstick and a brown eye makeup. This blush doesn't hold very long on my skin, I often need to correct it every 2/3 hours. But the colour is great!

4. Maybelline "Fit Me 115"
I just loooooove that foundation. I tried out a lot of foundations, also really expensive ones, but this one is the best I've ever worn. I apply it with a brush. Very important is not to spread it but to dab it. Like this the skin looks quite perfect and unified.

I hope that this beaty post helped you. These products are really not expensive and they are really good for that price!


The Belgian Girl

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