Little Beauty Secrets

Since  my 12 years, my skin looks really bad. I suffered from skin problems a long long time. These years hurt me so bad because people actually judge you if you have spots or not. This is so sad to say's like this...The people made me feel so ugly and uncomfortable with myself. And it still goes on today. This kind of experiences marks you for the life.

Then, my skin got better and better after doing a cure at 16 and by using the BABOR products. I  found out that, in fact, I had that much spots because my skin was really sensitive. I was always using products against acne but there were making it even worse because they were way too agressive. 

Then I discovered, like I already said, the BABOR products. My mother was using them for years and she has almost the same skin as me. I took the HY-Oil, the Phytoactive Sensitive Care, the Basic Day Cream for sensitive skin and few weeks ago my mother bought that really nice serum: The Basic Care Moisture Serum. That thing is really doing miracles. I put it on my face in the morning, after having washed my face and before putting on the basic cream. The feeling of my skin is so...nice and soft. This is a feeling that I never had with my horrible spots. I really recommend the BABOR prdoucts. You can actually only buy them in Germany but they also deliver to your home.

I hope that I helped maybe some of you guys...


The Belgian Girl

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