I Got A Pocket Full Of Sunshine

Hey people!

Today I went to the university because I'm following courses to prepare my dutch for the language lessons I'll have in my studies. 
I just chose the outfit I think that I'm going to wear tomorrow (if the weather stays like that and if I'm not going to change my mind). I'm wearing a H&M blouse, a C&A top and Tally Weijl jeans shorts. The shoes are from Miss Sixty and the bag is from H&M. Necklaces: H&M, Dyrberg/Kern. Bracelets: H&M and Accessorize. Sunglasses are from Topshop. I like that outfit because it looks relaxed and it's really comfortable. 
The lenght of the blouse has almost the same length than my top and my shorts together. I think that this looks really great because finally the whole look ends at the same length (if you actually understand what I mean, I know it's confusing).

I hope that you like my outfit and I'll think of you if ever you're one of the poor people who have to study right now for their exams!


The Beglian Girl

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