North Sea (Liège)

Yesterday, I went to one of my favourite shops in Liège: North Sea. It's situated in the "Galérie de la Cathédrale" at the heart of the city. 

What makes this store so special is that they have fashion for all budgets. In the front of the store are the more expensive clothes from brands such as: Essentiel, Stella Forest, Oakwood, Twin-Set, Pepe Jeans, etc.
At the back of the store are the more cheaper clothes from: Only, Vila, Object, but also from unknown names. Usually you pay around 30 € for a cute top.
If you're a young girl (like me), go there with your mother because she will find something for herself and I'm sure she'll buy also a piece for you. 

Really, have a look at this shop it's so great!


The Belgian Girl

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