Le marché aux puces

Two weeks ago I went to Paris...for shopping of course.
The problem on a weekendtrip is, that on sunday, there aren't plenty shops open. I had a look on the web and I discovered "Le marché des puces de St Ouen". They said that there were a lot of nice vintage designer clothes. I decided to go there with the metro N° 4 in direction of "Porte de Clignancourt". I stepped out at the final station. And then I followed the pannels: "Marché aux puces". You really have to pay attention to find the entrance of the market because it's not easy. The streets are full of people and of weird stores with cheap clothes from China and other strange stuff...I was at the point to go back to the hotel when suddenly I perceive a small entrance to a glass-covered gallery. Finally I found the market! 
And I have to say it was soooooooo worth it! There were so many different shops: Chanel Vintage, second-hand clothes, old vinyle discs, books, posters, jewellery, furniture,...
I bought a pair of beautiful earrings. They were quite cheap, only 15€. The saleswoman told me that in fact the jewellery she was selling has been designed for fashionshows. Now, that nobody is wearing them anymore, she's selling them.

I hope (if you go to Paris) you'll have a look at this vintage market...


The Belgian Girl

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